One Young World: Sustainability and Fashion

26 August 2022

Continuing the success of our One Young World collaboration in 2019 with sustainable designer Patrick McDowell, we have invited young Met fashion graduate Janey Cribbin to design this year’s Opening Ceremony look. Bolton-born and raised in Manchester, Janey graduated in 2021 and has gone on to win both the world-renowned International Youth Design Competition 2021 in Beijing, and a coveted place on the GFF X GAP Mentorship Programme.

She has reworked the One Young World logo with the iconic Manchester Haçienda stripes, and those of the Manchester bee in a contemporary aesthetic that captures an image of radical youth-led sustainable change for our choir and dancers. It is fully sustainable and uses both DIY and advanced technologies to ensure minimum waste and environmental impact. As in 2019 all garments are made from 100% organic cotton and are sustainably sourced and produced in the UK.

Janey has also produced a small capsule collection of bespoke high-fashion outfits for the principal performers of the show with the same commitment to sustainable production.

A special thanks to talented pattern and 3D garment apparel-maker, Benjamin Simpson, for his contribution to the garments’ production.

Haçienda: An iconic Manchester music and club venue which has been the backdrop to many gigs by legendary bands including Joy Division’s New Order, The Stone Roses and The Smiths. Largely known for its impact on 1990s club culture, the venue and its legacy has come to represent freedom, liberation and joy.

The Manchester Bee: The bee has acted as the symbol of Manchester for over 150 years, embodying the hard work ethic, spirit of togetherness, and hive of activity which makes up the city and its people.

We believe that all businesses can be successful without the planet having to suffer. With the world in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous condition, Private Drama intends to deliver excellence on behalf of its’ clients and do it in a professional, kind and courteous manner. This includes operating with no harm to our environment and planet. Private Drama is committed to be a Carbon Neutral organisation.