One Young World: Manchester’s Young Talent

23 August 2022

To welcome our audience to the One Young World Manchester 2022 Summit, The Opening Ceremony will include performances from Manchester’s leading young artists and voices of inspiration.

Private Drama is dedicated to creatively representing the values and legacy of One Young World, as well as reflecting the rich culture of Manchester. Each chosen artist has a vision of a brighter future – and their performances offer a glimpse into the spirit of the people who make the city.

DJ Hurg̃uf is a Danish-born and Manchester-based NHS nurse, turned DJ, who will showcase her genre-defying percussive soulful selections, bringing together the music and sounds from all over the globe.

Choreographer Darren Pritchard’s Ghetto Fabulous, a QPOC-lead arts company, will inject pure joy and energy into the Bridgewater Hall with a dance take-over. Ghetto Fabulous’ mission is to spread queer black joy and bring more colour, fierceness and flamboyance into the world.

Welsh disabled dancer Joseph Powell-Main, is delighted to be choreographing and performing a brand new creation. The performance aims to challenge traditional dance stereotypes, bending the traditions of ballet. He became the first disabled dancer to be featured in a performance with the Royal Ballet at the Paralympic GB Homecoming Ceremony in 2021.

Manchester’s alternative R&B and sister duo, The KTNA, will perform an original and spine-tingling arrangement of their own track ‘MBD’ with Sound of Blackness’s ‘Optimistic’. Millie and Hope’s forward-looking piece aims to empower inner strength and resilience to those facing struggles of all kinds.

Manchester musician and rapper KinKai will perform an original rap, created exclusively for the ‘MBD’ and ‘Optimistic’ medley. Employing tactical lyricism and wordplay, KinKai’s piece is a powerful call for optimism and a rally of strength for those hoping to follow their dreams, no matter how challenging the journey.

Carefully crafted and chosen by Private Drama for their spellbinding talent and individual creative missions to bring about a more united, diverse and inclusive world, each artist represents the power of creativity to bring joy to the world and initiate social change. Whether this be through spoken word, fashion, dance or music.