One Young World: Youth and Leadership

2 September 2022

One Young World identifies, connects and promotes young leaders.

Private Drama has identified young artists and voices of inspiration to represent the rich culture of Manchester. Each chosen artist has a vision of a brighter future – and their performances offer a glimpse into the spirit of the people who make the city.

Providing all live music is The Untold Orchestra, a network of 200 creative freelancers that are committed to changing the orchestral world, making it a more accessible art form. They will share their unique reimagining of popular hits, sung by talented vocalists, Jenna G and Will Jaquet.

“At the heart of what we’re trying to do is demonstrate the role that young people in the arts can have in helping communities in Manchester, so to be able to be part of an event showcasing the role of young people globally is incredibly exciting”

Dan McDwyer has assembled 35 young singers from across Manchester to form our One Young World Manchester Choir. Joining forces with the Untold Orchestra, they represent Manchester’s talented and diverse youth. Dan works as MD for many of the city’s prestigious events and creates safe spaces for anyone to use their voice in a positive way.

“Music and singing are such powerful tools to emote and bring people together. As a musical director and choir leader it is such a joy to connect diverse and talented voices to create something beautiful and uplifting, working together in harmony, exactly what this ceremony is about”

The Aim Sky High Company run by Tina Rehana, is performing a dynamic dance. ASH provides dance, drama and singing tuition to young people from 3-25 years old. They use the arts as a tool to teach life-long transferable skills such as leadership, teamwork, career planning, goal setting and many more whilst having fun.

Highly experienced choreographer Nikki Trow has assembled a group of talented dancers and is providing choreography to elevate and add spectacle to the show.

Esther Koch, a slam-winning poet from Salford, will be performing an original poem, devised by her. Esther is delighted to be entrusted as a spokesperson for Manchester as a creative, dynamic and inclusive metropolis. Her art reflects the community in which she lives and its shared challenges. In particular, she looks to advocate for a greater understanding of mental health and social equity with her words, using her poetry as a vehicle for social change.

“My inspiration is deeply rooted in Mancunian history, as well as how our ancestors are an invaluable source of guidance for the young innovators and world-changers of today”

Olivia Tringham is performing the National Anthem to welcome the global audience. She is a soprano currently studying with Linda Richardson at the RNCM, a Drake Calleja Trust Scholar 2022/23 as well as being supported by the Eva Turner Award.