Private Drama Sustainability Plan

We, the Directors and staff, believe that this business (and indeed all businesses) can be successful without the planet having to suffer. Profit is the consequence of a well-run Company.

We, the Board, will hold ourselves to account. To us, sustainability is just as significant as Sales, Creativity, Operations and delivery and as such will remain at Board level with one responsible Director.

Private Drama will frame authentic, justifiable, and credible goals which will be set out in a coherent and consistent way.
The Board will review, revise and then publish annually its audacious long-term goals for sustainability.

These goals will be passed along through our supply chain and other key stakeholders.

With the world in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous condition, Private Drama intends to deliver excellence on behalf of its’ clients and do it in a professional, kind and courteous manner. This includes operating with no harm to our environment and planet.

We plan to be a Carbon Neutral organization.