One Young World: Creative Leadership

22 August 2022

As creative director of Private Drama, Adam is skilled in creative collaboration, nurturing young talent and in giving young creatives a platform. One Young World’s brief was to find artists from Manchester to highlight the city’s rich cultural history. After months of extensive research, concept-refining, auditions, zoom and in-person meetings, Private Drama have curated an opening show of stellar performances which hopes to do the city justice. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet a host of wonderful people and talent from Manchester who have greatly helped shape the concept and vision of the show.

Private Drama is dedicated to creatively representing the values and legacy of One Young World, as well as reflecting the rich culture of Manchester through a number of diverse performances from the host city’s young creative talent. Leading the agenda of the conference and consequent direction of the creative content for the Opening Ceremony are Sustainable Fashion, Mental Wellness, Diversity and Inclusivity.

Carefully crafted and chosen by Adam and the team for their spellbinding talent and individual creative missions to bring about a more united, diverse and inclusive world, each artist represents the power of creativity to bring joy to the world and initiate social change. Whether this be through spoken word, fashion, dance or music.