One Young World Summit Manchester

One Young World asked us again to produce the OYW Summit Opening Ceremony, this time in Manchester. The brief again focussed on the importance of storytelling and finding the best talent to deliver the One Young World message to a global audience.

We wanted to create an unforgettable event, showcasing local talent to capture the spirit and stories behind the city and inspire delegates to have strength through adversity. Work began on the Opening Ceremony 6 months prior when we issued a casting call across the city to source performers that had their own inspirational stories to tell. After an extensive source by our team, we hired some of Manchester’s rising stars from all creative genres.

Private Drama unpacked each of their stories and wove together an overarching story about triumph over adversity, the power of positive communication and a reimagining of behaviours to ensure a safer, more sustainable world. In the end over one hundred artists performed at The Bridgewater Hall.

The Opening Ceremony was Manchester’s largest international event and streamed live across social media to a global audience, created and developed by our team.