British Pullman a moving murder mystery

We are partnering with British Pullman to reimagine their Moving Murder Mystery. ‘Dead on Time’ is a new immersive production conceived and produced by Private Drama Events on Britain’s most iconic train. Travel back in time to 1951 to be embroiled in the history and intrigue of British Pullman as you encounter a host of enigmatic characters.

We always take time to understand what makes a brand special, their history and how that informs the present. With British Pullman we found an abundance of unique and eccentric nuggets to inspire our creative teams.

Our script and development team researched the train’s incredible history and developed a script, ‘as complex as a PD James’ novel’, using historical fact as a springboard into fiction. We decided to set the story, a loving homage to the British thriller tradition, in 1951 at the Festival of Britain. Our graphic design team produced a bespoke 1950’s Luxury LocoMotives Magazine for each guest to ‘play’ the game, filled with character illustrations, easter eggs clues, hints and puzzles to crack the case.

Our design team created ‘hair, makeup and wardrobe straight out of Old Hollywood’s Technicolour golden age’ directly inspired by original features in the ten carriages. We formed a talented cast of ten ‘West End-quality actors’ to play the ‘fabulous murder-mystery characters.’

Our production team attended to the logistical challenge of producing a 5 hour immersive theatrical experience onboard a moving train, where the audience are seated, a five course dinner is served and the theatrical experience comes to them.

Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, every dramatic plot-twist invites guests to lean further into the train’s astonishing history whilst they piece together the clues. Combining luxury, glamour and a dash of adventure, this incredible round-trip is ‘glorious fun’ and an experience no self-respecting sleuth should miss.

“A day out to die for”

The Sunday Times

“Expect a killer time”

Evening Standard


The Robb Report

“A fabulous fun-fuelled romp through history”


“Entertaining whodunnit on-board a luxury train”

The Stage ★★★★