The Shutter Lounge an Interactive 3D Virtual Venue

22 June 2021

The Shutter Lounge Fly Through

The Shutter Lounge is our new stylish, interactive, multi-purpose 3D virtual space in which to communicate your internal and external comms using live and pre recorded content.

With impressive engagement stats:

98% guest attendance throughout the broadcast

60% active guest interaction with the content.

Perfect for HR & CSR Comms, Alumni Networking, Culture, Award, Staff Reward, Product Launch, Fundraiser, Exec Event, Graduate Networking, Forum, Masterclass, Wellbeing, Gala and Summer Party

Compatible with your in-house streaming platform (ie Zoom, CrowdComms, On24, BlueJeans)

Private Drama created The Shutter Lounge in partnership with Solarflare Studios and Wise Productions.