The new murder mystery on Britain’s poshest train by Liz Edwards for The Sunday Times

12 June 2023

Liz Edwards was a guest of the Belmond British Pullman, and we are delighted to feature her review of ‘Dead On Time’.

Is the new Pullman immersive performance a day out to die for? Super sleuth Liz Edwards is first onboard to find out.

Why do trains and murder mysteries go so well together? Is it the disparate group of strangers flung together? The ready-made “locked room” nature of the situation? The incriminating vignettes glimpsed through moving windows? The irresistible parallel between real-life and metaphorical journeys that both prove — da, da, dah — terminal?

Whatever the reason, the pairing is a winner — just ask Agatha Christie, Patricia Highsmith or Paula Hawkins. And you can also ask Belmond, the company that has just launched a new season of murder-mystery lunches out of London Victoria aboard its luxury British Pullman, this year with an immersive performance created just for the train by the storytelling agency Private Drama Events….

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Photo courtesy of The Other Richards.