Summer 2014 event trends: retro, Rio, and real-time social engagement

28 April 2014

Private Drama was recently approached by Event magazine for our take on the most exciting trends to keep an eye on this summer, and our imaginations immediately turned to visions of samba dancers and neon lights, of Gene Kelly and Rita Lee, and the magic and fervour of the months to come.

Celebrations both locally and around the world are sure to make this a festive season to remember, as will the technological innovations that are currently shaping our event industry. Here are a few themes you’re sure to see throughout the coming months – including from Private Drama and our partners.

With the upcoming WWI Centenary and the lasting buzz of last year’s Gatsby fever, this summer is sure to be dripping in vintage glamour, elegance and charm. Retro-themed events are consistently a hit in the events industry, providing guests with a warm and inviting ambiance whilst connecting them with the timeless fashion and sensibilities of an iconic bygone era.

We’re known for events that merge styles and genres to create new worlds for our guests to immerse themselves in, and that’s what we’re looking forward to seeing in the retro- and vintage-themed parties this summer. The blending of classic looks from turn of the century to the early decades of the 1900s – singers in USO attire and 1940s hair and makeup – with contemporary music and performance will transport partygoers to a place that’s both inherently familiar and, at once, entirely new. A number of our partners pull off these kinds of experiences beautifully, and will certainly dazzle.

Of course, with the World Cup fast approaching, Brazil will be on everyone’s minds, and event organisers will look to bring the flavour and flair of Rio to their events. The typical South American staples – Samba dancers, cachaça cocktails and ‘Carnaval’ costumes – will impress, but we’re really looking forward to the events that look further afield this rich culture. We plan to surprise revellers with authentic and niche takes on Brazil: the theatrical elements of Candomblé or the glamour of Brigitte Bardot’s 60s Búzios. It’s those events that will remain on guests’ minds long after the final goal has been scored.

Lastly, advances in technology are continuously providing organisers with new ways of engaging with guests. Video walls work as a digital canvas that can be included in dynamic performances – such as in the ones done by many of our talented partners – while also allowing organisers to display live content generated during an event.

Promotion of events through social media, thus, becomes something that happens not only before and after events, but during; tweets from guests’ mobile devices can be displayed live on video walls, projecting their excitement for all to see. Of course, the rise of visually-led social sharing platforms and self-destructing user-generated content will share revellers’ experiences far and wide.

This summer will be filled with memorable experiences, and Private Drama is extremely excited about the events we’re involved in. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and check in on our website to be part of all our exquisite, immersive and unforgettable happenings.