Our Commitment to a Better Future

22 June 2021

We have learnt so much from being part of the Better Futures+ Programme.

We joined a cohort of 11 other businesses who are all striving to reduce their emissions to net zero by 2030. It was a diverse collective of likeminded business leaders who  came together during the Executive Leadership programme where we learnt, networked, shared ideas and discussed solutions.

In conjunction with this, we had the opportunity to take a deep dive into our business and gained expert advice from an environmental consultant.

Our Governing Principles

Environmental Sustainability – As humans, we need to act as stewards for the planet. We strive to reduce further harmful environmental impacts from our industry. We collaborate to protect the natural habitat that still exists and look for opportunities, large and small, to rewild what should be natural again. We acknowledge that we are conservators of the planet for future generations, and due to damage inflicted by humans, we must work to ensure the planet is a liveable place for generations to come.

Integrity – Our purpose is to be the best event management company for our clients and we can only do that if we create an environment where all can be their authentic selves. We seek to partner with ethically like-minded companies, as we recognise that we cannot make the changes needed in our industry on our own. We demonstrate our sustainability efforts to stakeholders, while providing the best event solutions for our clients from design to delivery. These sustainable event solutions are measurable and transparent when reporting to stakeholders our social and environmental successes (or why we didn’t succeed).

Inclusivity – We actively create an inclusive workplace and look after the well-being of our employees and freelancers. We prioritise diversity. Our staff create sustainable choices for and conversations with our clients and other stakeholders, ensuring that the whole of our ecosystem is engaged in our efforts towards sustainable and positive change.

Innovation – We are innovators. Our work is steeped in research, storytelling, detail and innovation. Our events set the bar. Telling the drama of your corporate purpose. We know that we can design events where sustainability is built into the culture at every touch point and that this will increase engagement with stakeholders. We are keen to increase our events industry market share because we know that expanding the reach of our internal culture will have a positive impact on the industry.