Event Industry Game Changers

Credit: One Young World Performance Tuesday 22nd October Royal Albert Hall ©The Other Richard

22 June 2021

6 March 2020 by Molly Hookings for Event Industry news

The Private Drama team got around the table to share their top five trends that are changing the event industry game.

1. Sustainability

The future is sustainable, and we are working towards the ideal circular economy – with everything reduced, reused, and recycled. Nothing is single-use, including the event itself.

This means re-design, so we in the creative industries need to get creative. The best supplier is outside the box. Sustainability and the imagination are a magical pair that go hand in hand. Research, research, research. Clients love sustainable touches that add intrigue and depth to the event.

2. Authenticity

Think outside the box details and conceptually. All of these build into a research-rich story. Get under the skin of your client to tell the authentic brand story at every touch point. Guests want to learn, feel a part of something real and unique. Detail to take your breath away. Their ethos has to be threaded through the entire event.

3. Diversity and inclusivity

Linked to authenticity…It costs more, it is difficult. Community and positive social impact – expanding the event from single audience – inclusivity. The format of events is changing, traditional gala dinners for a select group of guests are fast being replaced by ‘experiences’ for multiple audiences. Educational purpose. Sponsors can open up events for a wider audience, employees or external communities. Young generation Zers influence is real and it is financially affective to prioritise social justice. They want purpose and for all.

4. Partnerships to last (brand development)

Aim to become a part of the client’s family. Events are part of a broader brand campaign strategy – build a relationship that extends beyond just the one-off event and work on a range of different types and scales of experiences. Creates a uniformity and cohesion, with legacy and ROI.

5. Media content, collateral is key

Capturing, packaging and continuing the storytelling from the moment the relationship with the client begins – through back of house, to the event itself – is vital.

If the work is made with the right ethos, then your client wants to shout about it, in PR and media. Get the right photographs, video content and coverage of the event. Social media is vital, don’t be afraid to be newsworthy. Likewise, the creation and behind the scenes of event making is interesting and important to clients who want to see that it is done with a personal and sustainable touch.