Curious adventures in Oxford

An immersive experience and ten-day storytelling residency to mark the opening of Westgate Shopping Centre

The event

‘Eat me, drink me’ reads a label besides a cornucopia of culinary delights in the new Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford. Meanwhile, a curious shopper stops for a down-the-rabbit-hole peer into an outsize 3D kaleidoscope.

All manner of oddities and historic activities are afoot. Arctic explorers charging between the shoppers and clutching jars of fruit preserve. Apparently Scott took Frank Cooper’s Oxford marmalade to the North Pole. But look, there’s Alice. She’s a local legend too, of course, just like all the stories brought to life here in Westgate.

Must go. Alice is dashing down the escalator in a red top hat and frou-frou prom frock. My she’s grown up.

I think she wants us to follow her.

The reaction

The production