A Night at the Museum, Manga-style

Mystical Manga adventures and corporate social responsibility up close at the British Museum

The event

An esteemed Japanese professor of ethnology and his fellow Manga characters step out of their cult-status comic book, Professor Munukata’s British Museum Adventure, for a storytelling journey of their own in the famous London landmark.

There are nine stories along the way, set in the life and times of nine charities, supported by their Japanese sponsor. The Manga lot, all dressed in graphic black and white, take little tour groups off to the various alternate Manga realities. One of these is Help the Aged. Here they meet a Manga postman and a Manga old-age pensioner and marvel at their heart-rending travails and triumphs.

Then they go home and tell these inspirational stories to their friends.

Think of it as Manga magic.

The reaction