Private Events

We design everything around you

We do like putting on a party or a happening from scratch. High-concept or understated, we design the event around you. And add unexpected flourishes.

We like a challenge. We’ll devise a game-changing bar-mitzvah, bat-mitzvah or 21st. We’re partial to a wedding that is what you wanted but more than you imagined. Maybe a retro one, in a warehouse with vintage styling. Or a French one, amidst a sea of sunflowers. Because sunflowers are your thing.

You might have hard-to-please gastronomic guests. We’ll come up with just the right chef in just the right venue. And if it’s a full-on live performance, bespoke show or immersive experience you’re after, we’ll call in the talent.  All good. Talk to us, we’ll nail your vision, and we’ll make it happen.

Because that’s what we do.

Private Drama Events. Creating magic. Making memories. Anywhere in the world.