Anyone for croquet?!

2 May 2013

Spring has finally arrived at Private Drama HQ and our thoughts are at last turning from Dominatrix Yodelers in Alpine Ski Lodges (yes we really did that!) to Garden Parties and other alfresco delights! Already we have been taking advantage of the fine weather and flown the spectacular Heliosphere out to Valencia and our beautiful Bolli Darlings have been creating a stir in Monaco.

We are so delighted that it is finally warm enough to venture outside for summer cocktails that we have been casting our eyes for the best outdoor activities and entertainment and this month’s blog is on the wonderful game of Croquet!

An 1868 edition of Harpers Bazaar defined croquet as an ‘elegant, highly formalized ritual, occurring in a deceptively wholesome garden setting, amidst a display of finery and manners. Fashion sets the tone for gentle titillation…an exquisite game, at which the stakes are soft glances and wreathing smiles, and where hearts are lost and won’ – and little has changed since. Adding an element of elegance and more than a soupcon of style to any afternoon, croquet is steadily making a comeback amongst the movers and shakers of the lawn games world, and, as always, Private Drama are ahead of the game.

We can provide up to 3 lawns of concurrent croquet classiness, each of which can accommodate up to 8 players at a time. And not to worry if you’re a little unsure of the rules – full tuition is provided by our coiffed coaches. If your event is lacking in lawn sports, our lovely Croquet team will bring along all of the equipment that you will need for a bit of friendly rivalry.

Having been voted the number one “Thing to do in London” a few weeks ago and featured in Vogue, we are expecting this Croquet team to be the must have summer entertainment!